Until The Light Goes Out On Me

How long will it take before it’s gone?
“Son”, he said “there’s never right or wrong,
Just somewhere in the middle where you are”
I collect myself and go until I’m far

Until the light goes out on me

There’s something in me I could never trust
Along this road I settle in the dust
Kick and fight and stir it up again
I could see the path in front of me it never ends

Until the light goes out on me

I’m not the man my father thought I’d be
But I can take a punch and never bleed
Take the worst and give back what I can
Run from all the memories but won’t know who I am

Until the light goes out on me

Now along the highway I just breathe
Rest my mind and settle in the dirty breeze
And every night I dream I’m at your side
From the moment I awake I go to ride
Until the light goes out on me

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